How to Build Intimacy in a Relationship?

Learning what is Intimacy and why it’s important for a fulfilling Relationship

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What is Intimacy?

So what do I mean by intimacy here? Some people use it for sexual connection as well. That is also a type of intimacy but here I am talking about a kind of intimacy that you can have in any kind of relationship like with friends, parents, siblings, etc.

Befriending your shadows

We are all humans and we all have some good and some not-so-good things in ourselves. We show some of them to everyone but some are difficult to share and we just keep them to ourselves. But the paradox is that the parts of us that are most ignored need to feel accepted and seen by another person to experience intimacy.

Intimacy takes time!

So now you know about this you can ask any stranger in the coffee shop “hey, I want to share my dark shadow parts with you.😁” You can imagine how creepy it sounds. The thing is that the other person doesn’t know you yet and they have no idea of how it likes to be you.

  1. When you share those shadows part with someone else it may be possible that they do not accept it. Maybe they have something in themselves that gets triggered by it or they may have their past. But you have to understand that it’s ok. (point 1)
  2. The last thing is that it takes time to build intimacy. With some people maybe we feel safer and it happens in a short time and with some people, it can take years. Just stick with it. I promise it’s worth it.😀


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