How to Start from Zero — Art of Making Something out of Nothing

We all have goals that we want to achieve in life like getting a new job, starting a business, writing a book. There is just one problem, to start these things you need resources. To start a business you need capital, to get a job you have to learn a skill( buy any course).

But what if you don’t have these initial resources? What should you do? Never start? Hell NO. Today I will tell you about my story of how I became an engineer(without any college degree or course) and how you can also start from zero.

Here are Your Options

If someone offers you 1. Chocolate 2. Cake Which one you will choose?

Maybe I will take chocolate, but wait I also like the Cake

. You know what? I can take both of them and after finishing it, ask for one more chocolate.

Story Time:

“I was studying in high school(12 class) and I was that 1 bench student (with glasses and all, you can imagine the look.

). I loved studying and wanted to go to college(to become a software engineer). School finished and I performed decently in the exam. Finally, the day arrived when I will apply for the college.

I went to college for inquiry and Boom! Something terrible happened The Fees were way too high and my family couldn’t afford it.

I felt really bad and thought that life is unfair to me. I am good at study and want to learn as well but still, I can’t go to college. That felt helpless but my desire to learn didn’t go away. On the contrary, it was getting stronger and stronger each day.

One day I thought that currently, I am thinking about only 2 options, go to college or not go to college. Is there any third option here? Surprisingly there was a third option, I wanted to go to college because I wanted to learn and who said that you can learn only in college?

Yes, college can help but it’s not the only way to learn something. You can learn from books, youtube, blogs and unlike college, all these resources are cheap or free. So I taught software engineering(coding) to myself. I went to malls and used their internet to watch youtube tutorials and also learned from the books.

Today I work as a machine learning engineer and I can make software that is good as any college pass-out student. I worked with many clients and started my startup as well(an app for teachers).”

This happens all the time with us. The world gives us 2 choices that either you go to college or you will never get a job. These are called “Status quo“. It means to keep things the way they presently are. But here is the kicker.

If you closely analyze your 2 options, there is always a third option. An option that no one can see. It can be only found after some searching. It’s like that back kitchen door into a building and if you search for long enough, you will find it.

Note: This article was originally published on the mind delights blog. Read the full article here.

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